08 January 2006

Battlestar HA!

Even Mr. Goldberg agrees. except that they missed the possibility of promoting Adama.

Goe, outthinking professional thinkers.


Rachmeg said...

I am really looking forward to this season – (I just got around to watching it tonight)
I will be sadly disappointed if they ever call her “Commander-in-Chief” They could have explained it better, but I think in their system of Government, she simply lacks the power to promote or relieve someone from the military. She is President of the Civilians, and for civilian matters, but in matters Military, the highest-ranking officer has the say and all the power. I’m not sure if this is modeled on some form of Greek or Roman construct, or just a made-up structure for the benefit of tension. This is not the first time the show has pitted the barbarism of the “good guys” against the “more pure and refined” Cylons.

Rach – thinks the Cylons have it coming just for being “more pure and refined”

Goemagog said...

a later corner post says that they cut a scene where she considers relieving the admiral of command but is warned by adama that her crew would mutiny to keep her in command.

could still 'promote' her to ensuring food supply.

Goe, full of options.