19 January 2006


Libertarians have been bothering me lately. Not in person, more in concept. I used to vote for libertarians in local elections, and seriously considered voting for their 2004 presidential candidate. I didn't because their presidential candidate thought that we should pretend the WTC attacks didn't happen and ignore the rest of the world. Isolationism only works as a foreign policy when you've got nothing anybody else wants, and people want our land, our money, and our stuff.

It's been bothering me more and more that very few libertarians can't discuss their philosophy without pushing either drug legalization or 'free love'. I'm being left with an impression that is growing ever stronger, that libertarians are nothing more than hippies who bathe.

Goe, supports killing bad guys.


Anonymous said...

Another right winger? I can't tell for sure. Please don't be offended if you are not.

I think I finally figured out what your call sign is.

Ever hear of GOG and MAGOG?

Saw your posts at Snabulus. Looks like you could use a link to boost traffic. Come by and see what I'm about.

Pa`ve's Peculiar Pabulum


Goemagog said...


Goe, correcting.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a novelist? That would not necessarily put you stolidly in the left camp, however, but you have good book smarts.

Your comments at Snabulus are good.

Goemagog said...

Hating communists and their variants is a major driving force in my life. And the novel is an unfinished NaNoWriMo project that will be finished before 2025 if I keep to my schedule.

Goe, definately not a lefty.

Rachmeg said...

All the politics between right and left, and the word libertarians draws in traffic...

Rach - amazed