06 January 2006

Conspiracies again

Watching the new Battlestar Galactica. Admiral Kane is recognized by all the major characters as being just as evil and dangerous as the cylons. The president encourages Adama to kill Kane. Why doesn't the president relieve Kane of command or promote Adama over her to the same effect? With the stroke of a pen, she could retire Kane and solve all of the problems they have with her. Instead, she encourages backstabbing. Why can't anybody make sci-fi without friggin conspiracies?

Goe, wondering if non-conspiratorial plots cause the writers great pain and anguish.


Drethelin said...

I have less of a problem with conspiracies as such and more of a problem with conspiracies as they are. Conspiracy can be done extremely well and be entertaining, but when you can tell from outside that it's unnecesary or silly it seems dumb and isn't entertaining.

Goemagog said...

they do it because they want to pile on conflicts, but there's only so many conflicts you can have and still have characters who trust each other enough to make any group actions feasible. pretty much every major character on galactica has been stabbed in the back by pretty much every other major character, yet they still take considerable amount on blind faith. it's gone beyond plausibility and into silliness. but then, the whole "bad guys are indistinguishable from us" thing with the human-looking cylons that leaves people fighting against an invisibile life-threatening conspiracy has been a cliche in science fiction since the start of the cold war.

Goe, intends to have chapter 4 up within a week.