08 January 2006

History amended

"God cannot alter the past, though historians can."
~Samuel Butler, "Prose Observations"

Iran trying to recruit "historians" from around the world to write a comprehensive new version of the Second World War, in which the Holocaust is a trick created by German and Polish jews to defraud the rest of the world of life, liberty, and property.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world is either eager to play along, or trying so hard to be seen as having an "international" viewpoint that they'll overlook even current, existing concentration camps, and organized genocides. After all, it's important to overlook one anothers flaws, even if those flaws kill several million people. Save a few thousand lives and Speilberg will make a film about you. Save more, and you'll be arrested and shot for your ill manners.

But then, there are worse things to be remembered for.

Goe, wishes he could do more to make the world a better place.

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