14 March 2006

Movies again

I bought 'the movies' and am learning how to make movies with it. going to try my hand at adapting some shakespeare first.

Goe, aims high.


Rachmeg said...

'The Movies' is a video editing package?

Rach - knows that Goe made his site green just for today...

Goemagog said...

it's a game, a business sim where you run a studio. but you can create scenes to be filmed on your sets and edit them together into a film sequence.


this is a little bit of shakespeare i tried for practice.

there's not a lot of flexibility in motions, camera positions, etc., but you can add your own subtitles or voiceovers (haven't done voices yet).

it's muh new toy!

Goe, writing a brand spankin new story for it.