02 March 2006

War and people

It's a common talking point. We don't make war on the people of a country anymore because they're never the problem. It's always the leaders of those countries, or our country, but the people are just people going about their business.

But how can we reconcile that with the recent election of Hamas? If the people freely choose to give power to warmongers, what do we do if they make war on us? Kill the warmongers and hold elections so Warmonger Jr. can take office? Is imposing democracy on places likely to elect warmongers a wise idea?

looking over lists of who's at war and lists of who is free, there doesn't seem to be a correlation between whether or not a country is 'democratic' or at war.

With the abundance of Marxists being elected to office in Latin America advocating war with the United States, we may be at war with the leaders and peoples of different countries in the future. At least, they'll be at war with us, we may try living in denial.

Goe, wishes we had more backbone.

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