24 March 2006

Things I'd like to see

The Drama World: What happens when seven strangers stop being polite and start being drama queens. could be made entirely with reruns of the "Real World", or pretty much any other reality tv series.

4891: A minor middle-aged governmental clerk is lured by a beautiful young woman into her world of rebellion against governmental oppression. He helps her recruit followers and begins a bombing campaign against the government. When the office building he works in is blown up by his/her group, he's in a motel room with her and discovers that there is no governmental oppression or tyranny, she's just off her meds.

The Shallow Life: The hottest people on the New York City club scene are taking to rural America, fenced onto a plot of land with some tools and farm animals. Those who manage to survive a year get to return to their spoiled celebrity status. The graves of those who can't figure out how to get food, shelter, and water will serve as a warning to the contestants of season 2.

Sharia Island: A collection of college students are taken to a remote resort island, where their every whim is indulged. An abundance of alcohol and a shortage of clothing will encourage many trysts. For the season finale, anyone who didn't keep their pants on gets stoned to death.

Gacy: Sitcom about a man who is a semi-celebrity. His childish actions annoy his loving wife, his co-workers, and others, but they always manage to forgive him and never figure out that he's a gay serial-killing pedophile.

Tribal: a team of anthropologists studying a remote tribe in an unspecific jungle area are lured into the tribe's traditions of head-hunting, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. All of them worry that the others are taking it too far.

Goe, wondering if you can come up with any.

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