06 August 2005


i'm still getting emails from people asking me to promote their website on the lawyer-love-fest i was posting at. a post i wrote months and months ago about the practical differences between a democracy and a republic brought me a blogspam yesterday. apparently thinking that a democracy and a republic are not the same things means i want to nationalize utilities.

one of my email addresses gets email every few days telling me that bush's expansion of federal government into every aspect of my life is somehow more reaganesque than clinton's failed attempts to do the same thing. reagan wasn't perfect, but he did stare down the evil empire. bush's claim to fame so far is continuing clinton's ostrich approach to north korean and iranian nuclear development. i think the rnc is smoking crack.

national review also keeps going on about how great bush is, but most of their writers advocate drug legalization as a means of improving national security. stoned terrorists are more likely to give themselves away, but we don't really need more junkies robbing people so they can get their fix. religion isn't the opiate of the masses, opium is, hence it's use as the reference point. the rnc has pretty much pissed away any reagan-based loyalty i felt towards them. the first candidate in 2008 to seriously consider nuking something will get my vote, regardless of political party or target.

Goe, not doing much to pimp his own blog, not doing anything to pimp yours.


Rachmeg said...

“nationalize utilities”

Hmm, maybe that’s not a bad idea. If utilities had their own country, I bet they could get us power and stuff a lot cheaper.

Local environmental rules are sure to be a lot more business friendly.

Kyoto? I’m sure that the fresh water countries would be glad to join, and the girly men down at the sewage plant country would never miss out on an environmental issue like that. While none of the power generating countries might be interested, the number of total signers could easily triple overnight.

Safety, It has to skyrocket. Every piece of machinery used anywhere, would have to meet the highest government standards. And thanks to the new government’s rules about frivolous lawsuits, liability insurance will be a lot cheaper too.

Plus, they could handle ugly problems like the Middle East a lot easier than the rest of us. Having trouble with the Saudi’s again? Baltimore Gas and Electric could just declare war on them, for economic reasons. If they were trying to gouge us with the price of oil, BG&E could just start lobbing a little spent reactor fuel into their back yards until they started behaving again. When they got mad at us, because people were dancing in the streets, we could just point and say “Hey, its not the U.S., its them”.

The natural gas people would need a lot of space. I am pretty sure we could spare some down south, as long as they could agree to an open border and a free trade agreement with the Texas chili people.

Cable T.V. sadly, would be no more. I would think as soon as they got their own country, we would have to immediately declare war on them, and have them incinerated. Perhaps, we could get the power companies to do it for us, as a warm up.

Finally, while we could give Norton a corner office or something as his own dominion, under no circumstances is Bill Gates to be given another country, he already has this one.

Rach, ala Rosanna-danna-danna, ohhhhh, nationalize.

Goemagog said...

i should say though that i did submit the last story to a storyblog 'carnival', hence the last link.

Goe, finding mistakes in harry potter books.

Rachmeg said...

[This one's really, really weird. -DSC]

Rach, just read that, and hasn't stopped laughing yet.