18 August 2005

Kelo Laws

The Puppy Drinker is proven wrong yet again. being a lawyer, he'd probably argue the meaning of wrong.

Since the supreme court ruled that property isn't really private but just sort of occupied until the government decides to have someone else occupy it, the puppy drinker has been claiming that this will result in changes to local, state, and federal laws to prevent overzealous or corrupt land seizures. while some states are working on passing such laws, as soon as they provide any real inconvenience for land-grabbing politicians, they'll be re-written or abolished.

for example, a city issuing a condemnation on land so that they can seize it for practically nothing because the city can't stand having farmland outside city limits while they're projecting a future shortage of park space inside the city. for some stupid reason, it's perfectly legal, but you'd have to be totally fucking batshit insane to think that it makes sense sans powerlust. totally fucking batshit insane or a powerhungry politician.

or course, the article has nothing but praise for the politicians involved because it takes real courage to steal other people's stuff.

Goe, against it.

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