11 August 2005

School Shootings.

Hussein's Information Ministry has an article on school shootings. I'd like to point out that far from feeling horror over the Columbine school shootings, the only discussion I heard from people I knew about the incident was speculation by co-workers on how they could have achieved a higher body count. No sympathy, no searching for underlying causes, no oprahfied tear-fests. We only talked about the efficacy of the attacks. The consensus in the office was a school assembly (ala heathers), doors chained shut, and a flamethrower were an ideal combination. I distrust anyone I see online or on television who talks about being shocked by those types of events. Our school systems are so ineptly run that it's close to miraculous that there have been so few school shootings.

Hogwarts actually has a problem with this. Students attack each other there all the time. Discretion and counseling could help, but those options are always dismissed in favor of tantrums and publicity for drama queens and other attention whores under the guise of promoting "tolerance".

I should point out though that Hogwarts also doesn't teach any of the "3 R's", even the one that actually starts with "R", so even as education standards go, it's a pretty dismal place.

Goe, writing another story.

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