21 August 2005


Locally famous rock STOLEN by swiss seperatist group. Other swiss seperatist group denies responsibility.

Even the swiss can't get along!

Goe, didn't steal anyone's rock.


Rachmeg said...

Ok, so this is about FrenchSwiss who want to take back land from the GermanSwiss on the other side of the hill, and so to accomplish this they steal a rock signifying Swiss unity, that has been around since the time of Napoleon. (Well I’m sure the rock has been around longer than that, but it’s only important as a symbol of the defiance to some short French guy.) In doing so, they will manage to prevent a bunch of singing, dancing, and gasp… rock throwing. Had they not surrendered the rock the first time they took it, their evil world domination scheme might already be successful. Of course if they hadn’t already surrendered, they wouldn’t be French…

Now if the GermanSwiss offered to make a few copies of the stone and air-mail them to the FrenchSwiss, I bet a peaceful solution could be arranged. I zee a zolution here zomewhere.

Rach, thinks that anything that’s not too heavy for a couple of drunks to pick up, should be chained down anyway.

Goemagog said...

They could say that they made a replica out of cheese and blame the french swiss for eating it.

Goe, has a low-budget solution to everything.

Killer said...

OK what exactly is the bob-o-meter? I went to the page and checked it out but what i don't understand is what it's for. does it count words on your blog? If so does it keep track as you write or do you have to manually change it? Thanks.

Goemagog said...

bobometer is wordcount of stories involving/relating to Bob the Tree.

Goe, really just put it there so the page doesn't look so friggin empty on the sides.