04 August 2005


Would he be more or less of an ass if he started spouting this crap after we invaded iraq, instead of over a decade ago?

It's sad though, that he's got the support of a noteworthy portion of britain's current ruling party, which he was kicked out of. Even their foreign secretary supports his blaming of everyone's problems on the U.S.

Once upon a time though, the British were cool, collected, and kicking ass, traits carried on by only a few.

Goe, not british, and with waning respect for them.


Rachmeg said...

again, only because its at the top...

I was reading an article about being able to test a cities cocaine usage, by measuring the amount of metabolized cocaine in the rivers.

Then I ran across a sneeky scientific fact in the last paragraph:

The levels of the drug and the metabolite found in river water are so low that any effect on natural life is very unlikely. But this is not true of all chemicals. Research indicates that chemicals that mimic natural hormones are having an effect on fish in many rivers, including “feminising” many male fish. The sources of these chemicals include hormones excreted by the human body and industrial chemicals that reach the waterways.

Rach, thinks this might give a whole new meaning to Ms. Pauls fish sticks.

Goemagog said...

are you saying that ms. paul used to be a mr.?

Goe, asking.

Goemagog said...

you could make a blogger account, btw.

Goe, just sayin.

Rachmeg said...

Yea, its pretty wacky, there is enough real reserch out there on the net, that I'm beginning to think this is something that is really happening.

I did have a blog page for a while, but who wants to write to a page that no one reads...

Rach, will start to worry, when they make a connection between gay men and good seafood.

Goemagog said...

if you want an invite, you can have one. it's not like it's a high traffic place or anything. just as long as there's no commie talk.

Goe, hates commies.