02 August 2005


some things are cooler than others. edited Dec., 2016 to fix broken link
Goe, cool enough for his own purposes.


Rachmeg said...

Wow, I loved that game. (In fact I actually have a copy loaded to this machine) I guess I remember it most because I first solved it as a 8 or 9 year old on my C-64.
A time well before AL Gore had invented an internet that you could search for cheats and walkthroughs on.

In fact I think the second programming language that I taught myself was C-64 assembly language in an attempt to hack into ZORK to try and find any easter eggs.

Rachmeg said...

On an entirely different topic (but listed here, because this is the first topic, and no one reads the last topic)

CBS came out with a poll today indicating that support for the Space Shuttle was waning, especially among older people. Now typically, I just claim bullshit on anything from CBS, however this poll clearly lacks trying to make a distinction between those that just wanted to can any space program, and those that thought it was time to build something better. That left me pondering how a poll that did make a distinction would come out.

Rach, who thinks we could do a lot with the stuff that had been invented since 1985.

Goemagog said...

some of the infocom games were awesome. i hadn't heard about that poll on the shuttle, but it's possible to make one to reflect cancellation vs replacement. i'm in favor of building newer systems, but it doesn't help the shuttle's image that most pictures of it since the last failure make it look as though the shuttle fleet has spent the better part of a decade sitting in someone's back yard rusting.

Goe, not rusty.

Rachmeg said...

Oh, dammit. The internet is an Evil beast...

I had just been relishing in a time long ago about searching for easter eggs in Zork, before Al Gore invented Google.

Sadly, it took a few hours, but then something clicked and I found this list of things to try...

open the grating from beneath while the leaves are still on it
wave the scepter while standing on the rainbow
try something nasty with the bodies in Hades
burn the black book
damage the painting
light the candles with the torch
read the matchbook
try to take the Thief, Troll, Cyclops, and Yourself
try cutting things with the knife or sword
pour water on something burning
eat the garlic
drink the water
sail over Aragain Falls
knock the troll unconscious, disarm him, wait for him to wake up, then return the axe to him and let him kill you


WAIT or SCORE (while dead as a spirit)
HELLO (to Troll, Thief, Cyclops)
WALK AROUND (in forest, outside house, or in house)
FIND (especially with house, hands, teeth, me)
COUNT (candles, leaves, matches)
LISTEN (especially to the Troll, Thief, or Cyclops)
WHAT IS (grue, zorkmid, etc)

Rach, doing a little late night Troll hunting

Goemagog said...

"hello sailor" worked in a bunch of infocom games. the official hint books had lots of silly things to try.

Goe, also remembers that talking to yourself is a sign of impending mental collapse.