09 May 2006

American Haunting

Bad, bad film. brags itself up as being about the only known case of a spirit killing a person, then wraps up the story with the only fatality having been poisoned by his wife. the whole narration angle was lame, as the story was being narrated by one of the minor participants to one of the people most affected. not really worth watching.

on the plus side, after a lot of mulling it over, i reported some insurance fraud i witnessed to an insurance company. i've known about it for several years (it's not a one time incident but a scam i've seen people in medical offices do to get insurance companies to pay for cosmetic procedures they don't cover) and i've told several people who work at an insurance company only to get brushed off. so i found an online fraud reporting thingie and ratted out the thieving bastards.

a whole field of fraud prevention in healthcare came into being in the 70's and 80's, employing hundreds of thousands of people and costing hundreds of millions of dollars, but everyone i know who is employed to prevent fraud would rather just let it slip on by. like a bank building a vault with solid steel walls several feet thick and putting an army of armed guards in front, only to let anybody wander in and take what they can carry.

Goe, against theft!


Kate said...

Yay Goe, keeping my premiums down!

Goemagog said...

if it ever makes any difference, you're welcome.

Goe, just doing his part.