17 May 2006

mundane films

a tv in another room is playing 'chumscrubber', a film about which i have no interest. it is yet another dystopian story about suburban high school students who over-react to everything, always understate things, and generally lack any perspective; the latter two traits they share with their underinvolved and usually absent parents. i went through high school in a suburban area, and the film among the multitude of high school noir wannabe's that best represented my experiences was '3 o'clock high'. the main plotline of that film was the main character trying to make sure that none of the people he had to deal with during the day were waiting to beat him up in the parking lot when school got out at 3. no grandiose conspiracies or sinister plots, just wanting to not get beat up.

Goe, not confident in other people's taste in film.

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Rachmeg said...

Sorry, too may kids in my house for me to realisticly reflect on the horrors of high-school.

Right now High School Musical is popular in my house.

Rach - lived in Breakfast Club land.