01 May 2006

May Day

Even though over a hundred million people have been killed in the name of communism, some people still think it's the best thing ever.

Goe, doesn't want to die for oppression.


Rachmeg said...

Wow, this didn't make the link roll.

Rach, only for lack of chain, linking commies in green

Goemagog said...

picky picky picky.

Goe, =-]

Schickelgrubber said...

"Goe, doesn't want to die for oppression."

Nope, he wants everyone else to die for corporate fascism.

Goemagog said...

apparently you don't understand what "corporate fascism" is, but then, if you weren't such a ninny, you wouldn't have used four different names to post four different comments under.