01 May 2006


volunteering at habitat for humanity:
  • get appointment for briefing on history of organization
  • go to briefing on history of organization
  • fill out application
  • interview
  • get scheduled
  • get something done

    volunteering at google:
  • click 'next blog' button, if you think it's a violation of terms of service, click 'flag'.

    it's not really surprising that for-profit encourages and uses volunteer labor far better than charities and non-profits. it is sad, though.

    Goe, busy busy busy.

    Anonymous said...

    Wikipedia can always use good writers.

    Goemagog said...

    put a couple articles up there today.

    Rachmeg said...

    Rach wondering what good a blog is, if you don't link your wikipedia exploits.

    Goemagog said...

    they aren't that interesting, really.

    Goe, really really.