18 May 2006

Cult of the Moment

Last night on Ghosthunters, one of the guys asked someone else if the whole purpose of their group was to find proof of an afterlife. It would probably be unfair to assume that he wasn't the only one who failed to follow their goals through to the unstated end, that ghosts and demons are proof of religion in general, if not in the specific. Two days ago on the Corner, they began discussing the subject of "Voodoo Atheism", the belief that all religion is crap unless it happens to be non-western or very convenient, hence atheists practicing religions similar to voodoo. These people don't actually follow any of their conflicting beliefs to the point of cognitive dissonance, but maybe someday they'll toss convenience aside and make up their minds.

Goe, posted about this before.


Rachmeg said...

So I shouldnt count on a good fisking of the new movie The Da Bulshit Code?

Rach - not protesting because protests have become a religion in itself.

Goemagog said...

a history channel show on the da vinci code book was enough to satiate my interest.

Goe, uninterested.