15 May 2006


went to the zoo saturday, most of the animals didn't do anything but lie there. there also seemed to be a shortage of animals. there weren't very many animals of any type, and only one or two of most of the ones they had. the 'big cats' area had two tigers and a leopard, the 'bears' had two polar and two sun bears. the petting zoo is gone, replaced by a 'family farm' that had goats and sheep, and another pen with pygmy goats. there was also a mountain goat exhibit with one goat. the zoo has gotten all lame.

Goe, remembers when the zoo didn't have a 'thrill ride'.


Rachmeg said...

It's the modern times, People accept anything nowadays. Perhaps most of the animals were just busy or tired when you went.

I heard a rumor that as a fund raiser, may zoos now have a Pimp in the ticket area, that for an extra $20 will let you take a 20 min "thrill ride" on any animal in the park.

Rach - not into such things, but would try an alien chick if my wife would let me.

Goemagog said...

one of the green ones that kirk liked?

Goe, making conversation.

James Tiberious Kirk said...

rachmeg said "would try an alien chick if my wife would let me."

You'll never have any fun if you always have to ask your wife.