12 July 2005

Londoners are blowing up...

Londoners were blown up last week by some not very pleasant people, probably 'young muslims'. The London police invited a suicide-bombing advocate to give a lecture to 'young muslims'.

At least they're not offering him a teaching position at a college like the offer Colin Powell supported. I doubt that the police have been picking up remains "with their bare hands", gloves do seem to be very popular with the British.

I meet a man who worked for years for the VOA and Radio Free Europe. He says that “the radios” were nothing, really, until Reagan came along: He rallied the spirits of those serving them. And he made the radios fulfill their missions. The man confides to me, “I believe Reagan was sent by God” — to confront Communism, and overcome it.

My friend is not alone.
- Impromptus

The peoples of the world who are now free after decades of communism tend to idolize Reagan. They're also prospering by trying to emulate the image of America Reagan represented. We should try that here sometime.

Goe, viva la Reagan Revolucion!


Rachmeg said...

The peoples of this room who have been free there whole life tend to idolize Reagan too.

Goemagog said...

yeah, I do. We'll probably not have the likes of him in office again anytime soon.

Goe, represented by slugs.