24 July 2005

Schroedinger's Cat

I heard a really unbelievable explanation of schroedinger's cat, so I looked it up. It seems that people who should know are split on what it means. Some think he was proving that quantum physics are a load of crap, and others think he was proving that quantum physics are really bizarre. I'm inclined to agree with the former, what's your take?

Goe, because the falling tree will make a lot of noise.


Rachmeg said...

I think it just tries to explain the whole universal probability thing. Right now as I am writing, this post will end up both on the blog listing of a Goe, that owns a fancy car, a Goe that rides the bus, or a Goe that walks with a pet elephant from the living room aquarium. All of them will be sent without affecting the universe that I am in, because it makes no difference which exists.
How everything that can happen from now on, will, and everything that could have happened to get us here, did.

Btw: the every possible past multiverse thing, is the only way I can comprehend otherwise completely unexplainable things like progressive liberals.

Or basically, If you don’t care enough to ask about it, It really doesn’t matter. In the Quantum Physics world, If you don’t open the box , no one will get hurt.

Maybe that’s why Quantum Physics is better than politics, because,
even the liar
can help you get your stuff back.

Rach, thinks Goe should keep his kitty away from closed boxes for a while anyway.

Goemagog said...

really, it means that your reply is both being read and is not being read, until you have results one way or the other causing it to normalize itself.

Goe, will post on this.