01 July 2005

War News

(NOTE: When I say "early stages," I mean that this Terror War is likely to last as long, if not longer, than the Cold War. If the Cold War began in 1948 and the Terror War began in 2001, then today we're only up to the equivalent of 1951. By that measure, we're doing much better at this early stage than we were doing back then.

from Vodkapundit.

In 1951, we were holding the godless communist hordes back in Korea, we had nukes and our enemies didn't (although they were close), our enemies had been hurt a lot more by the Second World War than we had, and we'd already lost eastern europe.

Now, we're holding the islamic militants back in Iraq, we've got nukes and our enemies don't (although they're close), our enemies have been mildly hurt, and we've already lost western europe.

In 1981, we'd lost most of Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the countries that were still on our side were either tyrants who needed our help to prevent a revolt, countries losing to communist rebels, or european allies eager for an excuse to switch sides.

Our three biggest victories during the cold war were the berlin airlift, the korean war, and Ronald Reagan. Two came near the start, the third only after our enemies had killed 60-70 million people, with three decades of setbacks in between. Where will we be in 30 years?

It may be an apt comparison, but it's certainly not a pleasant one.

Goe, should actually try to get some sleep.

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