11 July 2005

Tumbledown Logic

An article on bush hatred. I would like to point out that Hitchens wrote well before and after he crossed that 'crevasse'. Being civil or polite didn't make his position any more tenable. If something pisses me off, I'm usually not civil. It has no bearing on whether or not I'm right.

Here we can see a discognitive dissonance that is semi-politely framed. The author holds the position that we're unaware of ongoing violence in Iraq, and that we're encouraging ongoing violence in Iraq. His positions are in complete contrast, except for their hatred of the current administration and its foreign policy. Unlike Hitchens, they are unlikely to go somewhere or do something that might make them aware of this.

There is no happy medium with such things. If we don't send troops into Darfur to stop the ethnic cleansing campaign, it's because of imperialism, racism, and religious extremism. If we did send troops into Darfur to stop the ethnic cleansing campaign, it'd be because of imperialism, racism and religious extremism. No matter what is done, they'll be unhappy because what is or isn't done isn't what bothers people on the left. What bothers them is that they don't have control over others.

People handing out copies of religious magazines are annoying, but you're not required by law to take one. Television and radio stations are not required to encourage self-reliance or personal liberty, but corvee labor is not just considered desireable by leftists, many public institutions require it. The people on the left who value freedom follow in the ideological footsteps of those who considered stalinism an exemplary model of governance and personal liberty, and those on the right who value freedom (the libertarian wing of the republican party) just want to be left alone. The right is far less likely to torture and tyrannize than the left, but the left is far better with propaganda.

Goe, on account of the barking moonbats.

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