10 July 2005

random idiots.

went looking at local blogs this evening. the most conservative one i've found makes howard dean look right-wing.

For each teacher, secretary, principal, janitor and other worker, Oregon schools paid an average of $18,300 for health insurance and retirement pay in 2002-03. That was 55 percent more than schools across the nation.

As of July 1, school districts must pay 17 percent on top of salaries for state pension costs, up from 12 percent the past two years.

By contrast, Washington school districts now pay 3 percent on top of salary to fund their employees' state pensions.

Yes, class sizes are too large and electives too few, says Kris Kain, president of the state teachers union, the Oregon Education Association. But fixing those problems should be accomplished by trimming health insurance costs, closing corporate tax breaks and having Oregonians invest more money in schools -- not by cutting teacher benefits.

- paper

Their solution is to demand more money from everyone else. It's not education, students need to be learning for that, it's extortion.

Goe, against it.

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